GRASOU is a Swedish based art and lifestyle brand founded by Viktor Gramozi and Johannes Souma in 2018. Created from massive visions, with ample room for layering and some clever blurring of boundaries. GRASOU is the true embodiment of two artists born of the Post-Internet generation. GRASOU  works with design, development and production of art, but intend to examine the recurring patterns in timeless design. The brands past, present and future can be reflected through the eyes of Gramozis and Soumas personal life of constant art and creations. Their work is carefully distilled into a range of garments and products that you want to experience. The vision is limitless and creativity is often brought about by confrontation with people, with various cultures and various ideas GRASOU believes in being authentic and true to themselves. They like to think that GRASOU is a state of mind and as such for everyone.